[Please Read Carefully]

Please contact us regarding delivery costs to your area before placing orders.
 We or our transport company will contact you 2-3 days prior to the expected delivery date to confirm the delivery time.

Please make sure an (Adult) is present to receive and sign for the delivery. You must check the delivery carefully claims may not be valid after delivery, it is your responsibility to check.

Important! Please ensure there is sufficient access for a 3m x 12m lorry (40ft articulated lorry) before placing your order otherwise a re-delivery charge may apply. A re-delivery involves a delivery with a small designated lorry and the shipping cost would be much higher.

Delayed Deliveries
 (a) We cannot guarantee delivery times. 
There are many factors that regularly happen and could affect your delivery day, we get held up with delays from our mills if a machine breaks and needs a technician visit. Glass can be a difficult commodity to keep in continuous supply. Transport delays on roads across Eastern and Central Europe where border controls affect and sometimes they can have vehicles queuing for days. We have to use the sea and this requires shipping slots to be available as well as the weather to be suitable, our trucks can sometimes be held at customs. Our drivers can only drive for 10 hours at a time before a regulatory break is required. City centre prohibitions for large vehicles. As we all experience general road, traffic and weather conditions can create delays. Our customers are not always in when we arrive to deliver and this has a knock on to the rest of the delivery schedule. As well as general staffing issues. 
(b) We will contact you as soon as we become aware of a delay to your delivery. We will use the contact details that you have provided us with and cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or other delay caused to you if we are unable to contact you by using those details.
 (c) Do not pre book workmen or works to start on day of delivery only schedule the works or people once you have received your product, we will not accept any liability for time taken off work, works or people you schedule.

Premises and/or road restrictions
 (a) At the time of placing your order you must advise us of any physical or other factors that could prevent successful delivery of your Goods.
 (b) All deliveries are to the kerb-side ONLY. Our vehicles or our carrier is unable to deliver to gardens or any other areas within your property. 
(c) If we or our carrier are unable to deliver your Goods then we reserve the right to deduct the delivery cost and charge for a redelivery. If the goods are returned and not redelivered then we will deduct the cost of delivery and a handling charge before making a refund.

 We aim to deliver within 28 days from your order; sometimes it may be slightly longer due to stock levels, seasonal demand or other unforeseen circumstances. We will notify you if there is likely to be a significant delay to your order.

We offer kerbside delivery only. The driver needs someone to be available to help unload the items from the lorry. We therefore recommend that at least two adults (capable of carrying reasonably heavy loads) are present at the time of delivery to enable the delivered items to be moved quickly and safely. Our driver will not be able to assist with moving the item to its final installation point and we withhold the right to refuse delivery and charge for the returned product transportation cost and the redelivery. If you require assistance with unloading then this must be booked in advance at a separate cost of €100.00.

It is the customer or the customer’s representative’s responsibility to check the products before the driver leaves. Any queries damages or missing items must be raised and logged with the driver as they may not be dealt with to your satisfaction post-delivery. We do not accept any liability for missing, stolen or damaged items after delivery is made to your nominated address; this includes kerbside deliveries, neighbours, adjoining or connected properties. This also applies for installation services. It is the customer’s responsibility to check before the installers leave each day and when all works have finished. It could be dark when the delivery is made or when installation has been completed and you should check carefully, with a light if necessary, any products or installation works before the driver or team leave.

Optional extras are non-refundable once accepted, quantity and information on how to assemble or use of the products should be checked. We are not responsible for errors on assembly or use of the product if not followed correctly. This includes the quantity ordered and should be checked for the correct amounts. It can cost more to ship items like tiles and paints separately and would have a premium applied from the advertised price when purchased together and shipped as one delivery. Shingles, tiles, roof coverings, felts, paints etc. that are included should be used correctly as the quantity has been calculated to allow for correct coverage, it is the customers responsibility to check before starting works and we will not accept responsibility for extra quantities, they will be charged for accordingly.

We do offer additional service including a full installation service. The teams are instructed to follow a set guideline on what the works include any other works outside of the agreed scope we will not be responsible for. This includes painting works as the weather and time factors make it to difficult predict suitability on the day. Base, groundwork’s, services should be fully prepared before the installers arrive. Failure to have a suitable base or groundwork or any other service necessary will delay the works and could incur charges for travelling and additional days. Pictures can be sent for us to check with our teams that the base, groundwork’s, services are acceptable. Ultimately this will be the customer responsibility. Positioning, site suitability and general fit for purpose of use of the products and the buildings are the customer’s responsibility to select. We can help with general advice but we are not able to make these decisions on behalf of the customer. We will help wherever possible with advice but ultimately the customer must ensure necessary steps are taken before we deliver or install any products or buildings.

The delivery vehicle can be a 40ft wagon and trailer, so please bear this in mind when selecting a delivery location. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there is suitable access and enough clearance around the vehicle to safely deliver the item. Our driver will not take any unnecessary risks when trying to deliver and may abort delivery if it’s deemed unsafe to do so. Re-delivery will incur an extra cost to be met by the customer. Occasionally a delivery will require the products and buildings to be left at a distance from your preferred location due to restricted access, weight provisions, height restrictions, time and size prohibitions including city centres. Customers should notify us in advance or make necessary plans to assist the delivery. We will abort and or charge additional for special provisions. We will not accept any cost associated to final delivery if customers have to make provision for final access or special vehicles.

Remember that the delivery date is an all day appointment. This means at any time during the day and sometimes into the evening. We do not give timed slots or fixed days of the working week. Special slots and weekends will involve a charge to cover this. We will also try to contact you shortly before your item is delivered but again this cannot be guaranteed due to the works schedule or unforeseen problems such as weather, traffic, vehicle, driver hours and other issues …


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