Log Cabins FAQ’s

Yes, we will quote you approximately for your work firstly via email and if that price is acceptable one of our team will call to do an in-depth survey and assist you in any questions or concerns you might have. There is a  survey charge of £150 which is returnable upon placement of order.

In a large water tight pallet – max size 6m x 2m, there may be 2 to 5 pallets (of various sizes) dependent on the cabin/timber building ordered. We have 2 delivery methods via a hiab lorry and on a 5m long trailer. For more on delivery see log cabin delivery.

All Cabins we Supply DO NOT COME TREATED so it is up to the customer to insure that they coat there cabin with the the recommended wood stains.To get our precision cutting just right we do not pressure-treat the cabin as this would cause swelling of the logs and interfere with the interlocking systems accuracy. Also the price would be much higher … The floor bearers are all pre-treated.We recommend upon completion of installation you coat your cabin with a Wood Preservative, we recommend you use either Sadolin Ultra or Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus wood stain. We suggest a base coat of these products followed by two top coats. Timber Cabins then need to be coated every 2 years thereafter or when you see the initial coats fading.

Yes all the units are pre-glazed and pre-hung for you. You simply screw the handles into place.
 You get the option to fit a Georgian bead with all the windows and on the 44mm Log cabins and above we supply as standard inward opening tilt and turn double glazing units with a multi-point locking system – the best you will find on any log cabin in the UK market.

We deliver throughout Ireland, North, and South. Please Contact us for a quote.

All our cabins are made on an order by order basis – so you can rest assured your cabin is made for you. Standard Log cabins from our existing range take between 5 – 7 weeks for delivery. Bespoke Log Cabins will take between 8 – 10 weeks for delivery.

We issue you with line plans of the cabin that we need you to confirm before we enter into the manufacturing stage. Transportation from our factory into Ireland takes on average 7-10 days depending on shipping delays.

Our Log cabins are manufactured in our mill in the Baltic States from Lithuania to be precise. We have been working alongside the same mill for the best part of 7 years and we are extremely satisfied with the consistently good cabins that we receive.

A flat, solid, level base is essential to prevent movement of your floor and cabin and this can come in various forms, concrete pad, concrete plinths, paved base, timber-framed base, The base ideally should be at least 2 inches above the existing ground level to deter damp. Provision of damp proofing should be considered. The base needs to be at least 10mm smaller than the floor of the cabin so as not to trap water that runs on the walls. When you order your cabin we will send you the exact base dimensions that you can pass on to your builder. Ring us for more specific details.

Yes, we can – we can provide 35mm boarding for between the floor joists and up to 35mm insulation internally for between the roof purlins. When doing the roof insulation we can do this internally or externally. If we do this internally we will cover the insulation with match-boarding to give the same clinical finish you would expect in one of our log cabins. If you opt for external insulation we can increase the insulation boards to 70mm and shingles over as normal.

Of course, you have the option of a twin-skin log cabin that can be fully insulated in between the internal and external walls as well….this offers seriously good thermal values and is perfect for all year round habitation.

That depends on whether you follow the care plan we give you when you purchase your timber building. If you treat the building every two to three years, then it will last a lifetime and beyond. For more on Log, cabin care sees our Log Cabin Care Page.

We have found that more and more people are having bespoke style log cabins recently. The 44mm Clockhouse Log Cabin has always been a great seller. The most popular selling range is the 44mm Log Cabins. 

The 44mm Log Cabins are probably the best selling range we offer because as standard you are provided with the excellent tilt and turn double glazed windows. The wood thickness is solid and offers a good level of heat retention, and of course this is well within the grasps of most peoples budget. We have over 100 different models to choose from so there should be something for even the most discerning buyer. Even then if you are struggling to select a log cabin we can offer you a custom made log cabin.

All timber used in our log cabins is Siberian Spruce. This a very hardy component that is slow grown and ideal for the Irish climate. The logs are kiln dried to achieve a moisture content of between 15% – 18% this allows perfect precision cutting for our interlocking design.

We cant believe there are companies that actually sell cabins without flooring included… This is really to make their prices look more attractive. All of our Timber Buildings / Log Cabin are complete with tongue and groove floor boards and with the exception of our budget 28mm Log Cabins we provide seriously heavy duty 28mm tongue and groove floor boards … how many other companies will offer you this …?

Yes, we have a team of in-house Log Cabin fitters that are very experienced in installing the log cabins. See our Log Cabin Gallery a range of Garden Offices, Garden Gyms, Log Cabins, Twin Skin Log Cabins and Bespoke Log Cabins that we have installed throughout Ireland. Please contact us for a Quote.

This really depends on the size of the cabin involved and any additional works required. 
An average 3m x 3m will be done within a day.

To fit a 5.5m x 4.0m Clockhouse Log Cabin this will take 2 days.

A Twin Skin Log Cabin will take approximately 4-7 days to install. There really is no cabin that we offer that should take more than 10 days to erect.

Dependent again on the size of the cabin – unloading to the site may take up to 3 hours before any work can commence.

Fitting the roofing shingles is a time consuming part of the installation process.

Alongside the installation services we can offer floor and roof insulation, shingled roofing, clear treatment, guttering, timber-framed bases, We can also arrange certified electrics through a subcontractor.

The interlocking design of our log cabins means that they come in individual pieces – wall boards, floor boards, roof boards – ready for immediate assembly. The maximum individual log length we produce is 5.9m long. So be prepared for some dual handling if you are considering fitting the log cabin on your own.

Our cabins are complete with 19mm Tongue and groove roof boards, they will, however, need a water tight finishing ie Felt, Shingles. We can provide you with these products.

The twin skin Log Cabins have complete roof sections made for the cabin, internally they have a pre-made 19mm finish and externally the roofs are covered with 28mm roof boards. Flat roof’s or Pent style roof’s are not suitable for Shingle coverings – felt or EPDM rubber based is advised.

This will be dependent on your garden / site and the overall size of the log cabin / timber building involved.
 Please refer to your local planning office if you are in any doubt.

This is something we have just started to introduce due to demand from our existing customers. Each cabin will have to be assessed individually but more often than not we can accommodate you – the designs are usually in essence 3 sided buildings that are joined and sealed to the existing building. You can either cut through from the existing cabin or have an independent door entry. These are useful for adding toilets or kitchen areas to cabin used as sales offices. There is a separate category that shows examples of this type of work.

Yes we do, these are wooden (as you would expect on a log cabin) and offer additional security from theft and also additional weather proofing if living in a coastal or hilly area.

No, we tend to leave the planning issues to the experts as we wouldn’t want to mislead the customer in any way. Please refer to your local planning office if you are in any doubt.


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